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 A family tradition of quality for 6 generations  

HAYNER Family Farm History

Family is everything!

"All We Own, We Owe to Udders"

For 6 generations, the Hayner Family Farm has been a proud part of the Town of Halfmoon landscape here in Southern Saratoga County, New York. According to deed records, Silas Hayner, along with his wife Elvira (Althouse), purchased the farm in 1881. Silas got right to work, expanding the length and heights the barns for greater space for livestock (cows, pigs and chickens) and his fertilizer and crops business which included Coal, Wood, Lime, Cement, Plaster, Hay, Feed and more. Silas would be elected and serve as Halfmoon Town & County Supervisor in 1890 and then later on be elected again in 1915.  Silas and Elvira had five children who grew up on the Route 236 Farm. Mary, Arthur, Willard, Bertha & Adaline. Willard would go on to own and operate another Hayner farm on Lape Road while Silas continued to own and operate the Route 236 Farm. Willard and his wife Mary (Smith) would have five children. Millard, LeRoy, Mabel, Everett and Mildred.   

After Silas's death in 1920, Millard, Silas's grandson, along with his wife Addie (Anthony) purchased the Route 236 farm from his father Willard & his siblings of that generation. Millard would expand his herd of milking cows and grow his flock of chickens to over 500 chickens at it highest peak to meet the demands for his egg delivery business. The milk produced was placed in large milk cans and delivered and sold to Central Dairy in Mechanicville, NY. Their thriving egg delivery business would have weekly routes to Waterford, Mechanicville and the Halfmoon area. Millard & Addie had three children, Marjorie, Irene and Harvey. 

In the late 1960's and early 1970's, Millard's son Harvey, along with his wife Carol (Keeler), would continue the family tradition of farming and doubled their total dairy production, adding an additional barn and twice the number of Holstein cows to the herd. Harvey would add a large bulk milk tank and through the years, would produce and sell his high quality milk to different manufacturers including Sealtest, Crowley and Dairylea for Milk, Butter, Cheese and of course...Ice Cream! Also in the late 1960's, Harvey would add his roadside farmstand business, growing and selling his delicious sweet corn and other fresh vegetables which continues today. Harvey and Carol have three children, Ken, Norm and Craig. The farm would continue to primarily be worked as a dairy farm until September of 1984, when Harvey and Carol would sell their cows. Changing their business plan from growing crops to support and feed their animals, to wholesale production of crops for selling to other farmers and retail outlets. Their primary crops produced for resale were hay, straw and sweetcorn. 


In 1996, Harvey's youngest son Craig, along with his wife Carolyn (Clickner) would begin to expand Harvey's fall roadside farm stand business, offering pumpkins and fall produce along with handmade crafts. As business steadily grew, Craig & Carolyn would decide to make a major investment in the farm, expanding their product offerings and overall business in the fall of 1998. Building a new building (where the original farmhouse was located) and creating Hayner Farm Stand & Old Fashioned Country Store. Offering not only farm stand products and crafts, but baked goods, ice cream, food, gift baskets, a country store with dining room seating & more. Throughout the years, Craig and Carolyn have continued to invest in the buildings, property, staffing and product offerings to meet the needs of the growing community and demands for their products.  Craig & Carolyn have four children, Evan, Ashley, Emily and Luke. Each of them, along with several nieces and nephews and many others throughout the years who have become like family, have all played an integral part in the success of our small family business. Josh Hayner, (Craig & Carolyn's nephew) is now working hard to carry on the tradition of farming with the continued wisdom of Harvey & Carol Hayner and the family. 

We are proud of our rich family heritage and are thankful for each generation that has come before us for this opportunity. We know we stand on big shoulders with high standards for quality and value as our ancestors did. We are grateful to them, our staff, our suppliers and all our wonderful customers over the years who have made our small family business possible.             

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Hayner's Ice Cream and Country Store features a delicious variety of soft & hard ice creams, yogurts, no sugar added, non-dairy and gluten free options. We also offer incredible Acai Bowls, Real Fruits Smoothies and fresh squeezed lemonade made from the finest ingredients. Be sure to take home some of our delicious baked goods and shop in our country store for gourmet foods, specialty candy, a variety of gift options and so much more. In the summertime and fall, be sure pick up some of our home grown, fresh picked Hayner Farm sweetcorn, tomatoes, pumpkin & more. We also offer party rentals for our new barn pavilion and marketplace events for all to enjoy. We look forward to serving you.     

We just love ice cream!


Quality and value is our number one priority each and every day!

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